The Importance of Mens and Womens Lifestyle

Making love is a very powerful bonding agent. Some men may be afraid of love, especially when they are young and want to “sow their wild oats.”.Personally, I think women get very frustrated with this type of behavior from young men who won’t commit because they are into the next love affair.

Making love is taking both of your souls to a totally different level, almost an out of body experience if it’s truly making love. It happens not only with the physical parts, but the mental ones also, you literally become one in your heart and soul. Making love is usually done between two significant others. You actually are in love and if it gets emotional enough, tears can be shed. Making love is a fun way to crown a happy relationship. It’s one of those bonuses in marriage.Making love is the act of pure unselfishness. It is a complete connection to the other person.

Sex is very emotional, so when you are sleeping with someone you love . When you’re sleeping with someone you just met or don’t know very well there is only the physical aspect of it. Sexual intercourse within marriage is designed to give us a taste of the divine. It involves the total person and brings waves of pleasure as we make love.

Sex has been politicized, criminalized, sensationalized, sold as entertainment, even, in the AIDS crisis, equated with death. Sex is supposed to be super-orgasmic or something’s wrong with you and this magazine, product, or lifestyle will correct it. Sexual playfulness is vital for continuing to experience each other as lovers. We both feel free to be ourselves. Sexuality even between two stangers, can create a case of infatuation. It could be neuro-chemicals and the pleasure association combining to create memories that will perpetuate the attraction.

When it comes to men and women making love theres that special feeling and excitement that’s hard to explain, Women’s sexual response is rather more complicated than men’s. Sure, it’s easy for YOU to know what YOU want – but not for him. Women generally prefer leisurely, playful, whole-body, massage-oriented sensuality that includes the genitals but is not limited to them. Women’s main complaints about men’s sexual style are that it’s too rushed, too mechanical, too eager for intercourse, and that it focuses only on the breasts and genitals. Women get psychologically aroused less quickly. Older men ejaculate less quickly, which seem to give the woman a little longer pleasure.